The Chief of the Moken hunting for fish.
Moken children.
Men walk ashore after tying their boats.
Moken boys make their way to shore after tying their boats.
A sick woman is tended to by the Chief of the village.
Boy standing on coral.
Boys hunting for fish with spears.
The Moken village on South Surin Island.
The Chief  with one of his grandsons.
The Moken are Animists and build Totems to the spirits of their ancestors and animals.
Women playing cards and smoking cigarettes. Scientists studying the Moken point to these kinds of activities as evidence of the detrimental effect contact with developed world is having on the Moken.
A moken boy swims down to the coral.
Children piggy back on an older member of the tribe.
The eyesight of Moken children underwater is over 50% better than the eyesight of other children. Experiments are underway in Sweden to see if  European children can be trained to see as well as the Moken.
Men hunting fish underwater.
A boy jumps from his house into the sea at high tide.